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Riddle Post 88.  We
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visit, and will return
In February 1919 a small group of men, led by
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt Jr. had a meeting in
Paris, France to plan the organization now known
as THE AMERICAN LEGION.  A caucus was held in
St. Louis, Missouri on May 8, 1919.  Immediately
following the meeting in St. Louis where State
Chairmen were appointed, these men organized
posts in every city and town.  Craig Van Meter and
Fred Kelly, two young attorneys from Mattoon, who
had just returned from the service, were appointed
Organizer and Secretary, respectively to organize a
Post in Mattoon, Illinois.
On August 5, 1919 the first meeting was called to
order with about 50 veterans attending.  Of those,
38 paid their dues ($3.00) and signed for a Charter
which was issued August 5, 1919.  At this meeting
those signing the petition for a Charter also selected
a name for the Post.  The name Lawrence Riddle
was unanimously adopted since he was the first
veteran from Mattoon to give his life in the service of
his country in World War l.  The number 88 was
given the Post by the National Executive Committee.
Lawrence Riddle Post #88 had meetings in various
places until 1931 they bought a property at 221 N
16th Street.  In 1950 we purchased the building at
17th and Wabash, which we occupied until building
our new building in 2004 at 1903 Maple Ave.,
Mattoon, Illinois
Officers- Post 88:
Commander         Oren Lokhart
Sr. Vice               Harold VanGundy
Jr. Vice                Tom Burcham            
Adjutant               Kris Williams          
Finance Ofc.        Mike Weaver   
Chaplain              Mike Smyser
Historian              Marvin Whitley            
Sgt. at Arms        Marvin Whitley      
Service Officer     Bill Highland

Board of Directors:
Mike Smyser        John Roy
Don Davidson       Paul Lovell
Ray Wayne          Ed Davis           
Rick Davis           
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